Rickshaw for Sale

Rckshaw for sale

Japanese Rickshaw, a symbol of Japanese culture, is popular all over the world. It is highly valuable to use for sightseeing taxis, photography and exhibitions.

“Rickshaw Atelier Kurumaya” is one of Japan ‘s three manufacturers of rickshaw. We are the expert of rickshaw, selling not only rickshaw, but all related items.

Introduction of rickshaw product

Let us introduce several types of rickshaw briefly. We may not be able to show the price since it varies according to specifications (some products have reference price). Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry form for the price. We will reply by the next day if you can contact us by the form (we may not be able to answer the phone).

Two-seater regular rickshaw (closed hood)


New car from 1,700,000JPY.  Most popular type.

Two-seater regular rickshaw (open hood)


3-seater wide type rickshaw (closed hood)


Up to 2 large persons, or  3 small – medium persons possible.  New car  from 2,000,000JPY.

3-seater wide type rickshaw (open hood)


One-seater rickshaw(closed hood)


Suitable for narrow streets and indoor party events.   New car from 1,500,000JPY.

One-seater rickshaw(open hood)


Wedding white rickshaw (wide type)


Specially designed for wedding ceremony.

Wedding white rickshaw (single passenger type)


A groom draws a rickshaw carrying his bride.

Special order example (skeleton type)


We will accept special order made according to purpose. We will respond to any request as much as possible.

Special order example(Illuminated Rickshaw)


An example using skeleton type as illumination for display.

Second hand rickshaw: We will repair and revive old rickshaws. About 30% lower price than brand new!


Only when old rickshaw is available.